Social media

We've been looking at lots of different social channels over the past few weeks in our digital clinic. We haven't had a lot of questions about Twitter lately, so we thought we would share some fascinating facts about this important channel. Twitter has been around since 2006 and has grown significantly since then.

There are many great reasons to think about having a blog on your website. Or if you already have one, make sure you are using it and updating it regularly with new content.
Blogs are an ideal place to show off your company's expertise, which increases your credibility and demonstrates your capabilities as an industry thought-leader. 

Scheduling can be a really useful tool to ensure that you consistently share new content on your social media channels. While it seems like a bigger job to write and schedule posts up front, it can often be easier than trying to remember when you should next post. It can also help you to manage your messaging so you get a nice spread of your types of content and what you are sharing.

Trying to show products in an interesting way can sometimes be a challenge. Some social media channels, particularly Instagram, are driven by the use of engaging imagery as a key part of your activity. While other social media sites rely less on images, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, there is a growing trend towards using photos and graphics to bring your posts to life, drive engagement and showcase your message in a more visual way.