Our Top 5 Tips for Creating a Personal Brand

Building your personal brand online is the most effective way to create a strong identity for you or your business. Your personal brand is how you showcase yourself to others, presenting your values, what you stand for, and your goals. A strong personal brand will allow you to reach your target audience, show how you stand out against your competitors, and why they should choose your business.

At Parrot, we pride ourselves on our colourful communications and reactive social media presence. We are a friendly flock, and we strive to be personable and build a strong connection and trust with our clients and those who interact with our brand.

Here are our top 5 tips to help you create a strong personal brand:

1. Choose your goals – firstly, think about what you would like to achieve through your personal branding. Would you like to build a specific audience, showcase yourself in a certain manner, or promote your business? Or all of the above? Making a plan of what you are aiming for will help you to stay in line with your goals and succeed.

2. Establish a brand voice – when creating a website, logo, and social media profiles, ensure you use the same imagery and wording across all platforms. This gives your brand a strong identity, letting audiences know from first glance who you are and what you stand for. Whether you have a tagline, or a favourite key phrase, make sure to incorporate that into everything you do to establish your tone of voice.

3. Find your niche – in order to locate a target audience, you need to find your niche in the market to offer your unique voice and skills. By staying up to date on what others in the industry are doing, you can keep on top of trends and know what your target audience are looking for.

4. Consistency is key – you don’t need to post every day, however it is key to have a consistent social media presence to build a strong personal brand. Though users often value quality over quantity, you still need to post regularly to avoid seeming inactive or irrelevant.

5. Connect and communicate – Uplift others in your community via likes, comments and shares. Building bonds with others you admire will position your personal brand in line with theirs. These connections are also more likely to return the favour, and in turn support you too. Collaboration with likeminded individuals is always a benefit to your business.