Should I schedule my social media posts?

Scheduling can be a really useful tool to ensure that you consistently share new content on your social media channels. While it seems like a bigger job to write and schedule posts up front, it can often be easier than trying to remember when you should next post. It can also help you to manage your messaging so you get a nice spread of your types of content and what you are sharing.

It’s important to remember that while some social media channels have inherent scheduling tools, others do not. This means you will have to use a third party platform such as Buffer. And some channels, such as Instagram, only allow business accounts to schedule their posts. So there will inevitably be some initial learnings before you can begin getting in the routine of planning and scheduling your activity.

Of course, sometimes you will want to share news or something that has just happened, which is definitely to be encouraged. Scheduling should be seen as the starting point, ensuring you have regular content from your social platforms. But make sure you also take opportunities as you spot them, and remember to check your engagement too. Scheduling posts has a lot of benefits, but you can’t beat social media for its instant nature and that means keeping an eye on your channels for any feedback, comments and queries. After all, you can’t automate your customer engagement (or certainly shouldn’t anyway!).

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