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How to get your editorial featured 

Do you struggle to get editorial within the trade press? If so, this video is for you.

In a new series of 📹 our founder Eve Gaut joins forces with fellow Parrot Gemma Snelling to share with you their top marketing tips, gained over combined decades of experience in the industy.


How to nail the perfect award entry

Awards 🏆

Have you nailed the perfect entry formula? Winning (or even being shortlisted) for an award, can be incredibly rewarding from a PR perspective.

Eve and Gemma, two of our expert Parrots, help to guide you through the minefield of awards submissions. How to craft an award-winning entry, how to impress the judges and prove why YOU should be a winner 🏆

How to get your editorial featured slidedeck 

If you want to keep a handy record of our top tips from our video, or prefer to read rather than listen, this slidedeck will provide everything you need to secure that all important editorial.