Is Instagram only suitable for consumer brands?

While Instagram does have a huge reach when it comes to consumer and lifestyle brands, there is certainly a place for those operating in the B2B sphere. With over 1 billion monthly active users on the platform, many of your target audience will be on Instagram, even if you have to work a bit harder to find them.

Even if the businesses you want to target aren’t on Instagram, the people behind them are likely to be. So it is a great place to engage with decision makers and tell your story in a personal, rather than a corporate, way.

What is great about Instagram is that it is a place to show, not tell, your customers what you are able to offer them. As a visual storytelling platform, it encourages us all to think about engaging and creative ways to share messages, showcase our capabilities and in the long run, drive sales.

So if you sell products, instead of posting a product shot think about another way to demonstrate its capabilities. An in situ shot works well, and even better if it shows what the product can do. Parrot work across the lighting industry, and we love project photography that shows the true potential of what can be achieved through technologies, solutions and clever installations.

As well as engaging with your audience, there is another great reason to be on Instagram and that is traffic. Instagram can help drive traffic to your website – make sure you use the link in your bio to direct people through to your home page or somewhere more specific such as a product page.

If you need more advice on Instagram or any other social media channels, speak to team Parrot to find out how we can help you.